Monday, November 17, 2008

Don't mess with the pregnant chick.

It is not often that I come home from work telling tales that make my husband's account of his day with two preschoolers sound like a cake walk. I usually walk in the door with my work day safety tucked behind me while Jeff pours himself a beer and says, "Thank God you are home."

Maybe it is not that bad, but everyday holds at least one story of an hour long fit, or major misbehavior, or a stressful fight between siblings. They are kids, this is what they do.

Not today. Today the kids had a wonderful day. This morning they went to an exercise class at the gym for preschoolers, they had some friends over for a play date in the afternoon, and they were happily playing "tea cup ride" with our spinning office chair when I got home. The family had a great day while I was at work.

My day did not go so well. There is nothing worse than being pregnant and having to deal with office politics. I believe office politics have no place in an company with five employees, but some people have a different view on that.

You may be wondering about the effects of pregnancy and office politics. Maybe it is just me, but being pregnant means that I am more assertive and less complacent. I have seven months until my life is drastically altered, so I don't have time to deal with time consuming nonsense. My business decisions have one objective. Get it done. Once a team has sat down and figured out how to get it done, everyone should follow the plan. I don't have the patience for rogue team members who are trying to prove a point by not following the plan. It is that simple.

That was my day. This is my rant. Thanks for listening.


Stephanie said...

I don't think it's you being pregnant. Office politics suck. I'm loving the ticker at the top by the way. Your baby has legs! :)

The Sports Mama said...

Its sad, really, but I think the office politics have been infinitely worse at the small companies I've worked at as opposed to the larger ones.

Darla said...

I just happened to bump into your blog from someone else's I bumped into from someone else's... So funny cause I am pregnant with seventh child. And my mantra when pregnant? "Don't Mess With The Pregnant Lady!" I had a post on that right when I started blogging a bit over a year ago...when I was pregnant with Child #6. And I was about to have a post about that a week ago when...Ta Da!...someone messed with me at work!!! And I had her head! Very unusual for me but when I'm pregnant and someone is unreasonable or obnoxious (and this is reserved only for truly obnoxious) my patience hits the skids so fast my own head spins!!! So when I saw the title for this post on another blog, I HAD to read it. And I did. And I chuckled and have to say, "I can so relate!"

R said...

Yeah! We were the friends, and I must say, the boys had a fantastic time too.

Kidzmama said...

Hey there. I was reading your blog a while back, got distracted with life, and found you again. Congrats on the pregnancy. Yuck for all the politics.

louann said...

I hear you. Being pregnant can contribute to a whole stack of emotions. Office politics TOTALLY sucks. Put those 2 together and bam! =)