Monday, November 10, 2008

Things that make me go blugh

Food aversions during pregnancy are normal and often times a source of good stories. During my first pregnancy I could not cook eggs or meat without feeling ill. I made my husband cook breakfast for me every morning. My day couldn't start without a fried egg sandwich. When he was out of town for business I ate frozen breakfast pockets that were terrible. I soon developed an aversion to those.

During my second pregnancy I was 9 weeks pregnant at Thanksgiving. I had no problem being around raw meat or cooking, but I was afraid that my aversion to raw meat would kick in on Thanksgiving morning as I was preparing the 25 pound turkey. I made my husband do all the cooking that day. Jeff did such a great job on the turkey that he has taken over as the official Thanksgiving chef.

Last month when I found out that I was pregnant, I immediately eliminated caffeine from my diet. The first day I suffered through a coffee-less existence. I was cranky, tired and short tempered. The next day I purchased some organic Swiss water processed decaf coffee. The world was a little brighter because I got to experience the taste of coffee, but I still missed the caffeine. Slowly my affinity for coffee faded. I started to make myself decaf tea in the morning. Over the last couple of days I have noticed a distinct aversion to everything coffee. The sight, smell or mention of it is enough to make my stomach turn.

I am happy that I am experiencing an aversion that is practical. It's nice to be disgusted by something that I cannot have anyway. Could you imagine living through three months of no pizza, cheesecake or ice cream. Those would be truly awful aversions to have.


The Sports Mama said...

When I was carrying my first one, I HAD to have caffeine. It was all I wanted, and the only thing that would settle my stomach. You would think that would be my kid that never stops, right? Nope. My teenager is the most laid back kid ever.

Lisa said...

With Goosey I craved breakfast food. Smothered hashbrowns from the grocery store deli next to the school I taught at. Helped the 40 lbs to come on pretty easily!!! With Lulu I craved Diet Pepsi with crushed ice from once specific restaurant. I allowed myself one a day once I was in the second trimester. They lovingl referred to me as the "Diet Pepsi" lady. And wouldn't you know, she projectile vomited any time I had caffeine during that first year?

This one I've craved breakfast food in general and water. Lots of water & yogurt. Strange, I know!

Fun to be on this pregnancy journey with you :)

morninglight mama said...

Yeah, I had a chinese food aversion with #2, and the pizza aversion with #3. Those sucked! Good luck!

Grey Street said...

I haven't been so lucky. I still miss coffee. Just the taste - I have no real need for caffeine as it doesn't seem to affect me much. And my Tazo Chai Tea from Starbucks!!

The first thing I'm scarfing down after I give birth is SUSHI! And then maybe a hot dog! And coffee, of course. :)

Hope everything is going well!!