Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Losing Something

This is my watch. I am very fond of my watch. My husband got it for me on my 30th birthday when I was three months pregnant with his first child. I think it is fitting to give your wife a diamond watch when she hits a milestone birthday and she cannot drink because you have knocked her up. I love this watch.

Every day when I go to the gym I take my jewelry off. It is a very nerve wracking thing to do. In addition to my beautiful watch, I own several Liz Palacios necklaces that my husband has gifted to me over the last 5 years. I love my husband. He adorns me with beautiful jewelry.

At the gym I place my necklace and watch into my gym bag which goes into a locker. I used to place my jewelry in the locker next to my clothes until I accidentally left my watch in the locker. I didn't realize my watch was lost until the next day. Luckily it was still in the locker where I left it.

Lesson learned. I now place my jewelry in a zippered compartment of my gym bag. I often forget to zip up the compartment, and I am sure this is the reason that I am missing one of my Judith Jack necklaces. Thankfully it was not a gift from my husband, but a gift from me to me.

This morning I opened the top compartment of my jewelry box to get my watch and touched the empty space inside. I immediately thought that my watch must still be in my gym bag. I spend the majority of the week only wearing my jewelry half of the day because I often forget to put it back on after my workout.

I reached into the zippered compartment of my gym bag and found it empty. At this point I began to freak out. It occurred to me that I could have placed my watch in the other compartments of my bag by mistake, so I removed everything from my bag searching for my watch. I didn’t find it. Not only did I not find my watch, I also didn’t have to unzip a single zipper during my search. I chided myself for my inability to zip anything up and thus leaving everything open to falling out. My mind ran through the multiple places my watch could have fallen out – the gym, walking back to the office, my office, getting into my car, the car, the garage, etc.

I am now significantly freaked out and wondering if I should tell my husband to keep and eye out for my watch. Part of me knows that he could reasonably find it because some of the places I could have lost it are in my house. The other part of me would rather hide my indiscretion until I can confirm that my watch isn’t lying safely in my car.

As I approached my sleeping husband something occurred to me. I kissed Jeff good bye and smiled. “I couldn’t find my watch.”

His eyes opened in alarm. “You lost your watch!”

“Well,” I said. “I thought I did and I was looking everywhere for it. But I just realized that it was on my wrist the whole time.”

Can I blame my pregnancy? The amount of time between when I “lost” my watch and when I actually put it on my wrist couldn’t have been more than three minutes. Only pregnant people lose things in a matter of three minutes.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


Lisa said...

Dude....I was starting to get sick to my stomach that you lost your watch. At the end I was laughing though - something I would SO do!

Any predictions on what this little cherub you're growing might be?

Grey Street said...

TOTALLY TRUE. I have done it a few times! Um, I think it's a medical condition called pregnancy brain.

Rachel said...

Total pregnancy brain :-) I think you should stick with your story!! I'll back you up ;-)

Kimmylyn said...

Yep.. total pregnancy brain for sure!! I have not been by in a while.. well to comment..I have been catching up with you via the reader.. I am so excited for you !! Congrats on the pregnancy!!!

Stephanie said...

I was freaking out for you...thank goodness you just "misplaced it".


common mom said...

Oh you can TOTALLY blame pregnancy. I used to have this amazing memory . . . now, it's gone. Nowhere to be found. And it drives me crazy.