Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Wooden Flute

After dinner last night Belle was blowing into a wooden flute as we were listening Christmas Carols. The sound that came out could hardly be called music, but it was entertaining nonetheless. Belle handed the flute to Jeff and he played "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" for us. He then passed the flute to Ariel, so she could screech out notes in rhythm to "Little Drummer Boy". I remember thinking that we would make the perfect Norman Rockwell painting. I was delighted that the girls were taking turns with this fun musical instrument. Hours later I realized that we were sharing more than just memories.

At 2 AM Belle got sick. At almost four years old, this is the first time she's vomited in the middle of the night. It was traumatic for her and us. While Jeff changed all her bedding, I sat with her in the bathroom and rubbed her back while she continued to vomit.

I remember being sick when I was young. I remember the bad dreams that came when I had a fever. I remember the awfulness of spending what seemed like the whole night looking into a toilet bowl and emptying my stomach. As a parent there is not much that can be done for a sick child, except be there, hold them and let them know they are not alone. I hope that my presence gave her comfort. It made me feel good to be there with her.

Belle was sick a couple more times today. It's the flu. The flu is most recognized by it's fast onset and violent symptoms. It is also highly contagious. I told you about that shared music experience after dinner. I failed to mention the extra wet, sloppy kisses that Belle received just hours before she became sick. I fear that the flu has invaded our home like a horror movie villain. Eventually everyone in our house is going to be confronted with the ugly virus, it's just a question of who's next and how long until they are attacked.


lattemommy said...

Oh, I feel for you (and Belle). I can't stand feeling like I'm sitting in the cross-hairs, waiting for the death blow to strike. I'm sending some good vibes your way, hoping that you all don't come down with it too.

Donna said...

Uh-Oh. Hope some of you bypass it.

Poor little girl. I hope she feels better soon.

Kellan said...

I loved the flute story. I'm so sorry Belle is sick and I sure hope it doesn't pass through the whole family. Take care and see you soon. Kellan

Fine For Now said...

Oh no! Poor Belle! Hopefully everyone is doing better today.

I am one of the lucky people (freaks) that actually did not ever vomit until I was 18 years old and had food poisoning.

Fingers crossed that it passes quickly :o)

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Amy! Just when things seem so wonderful... POW!

My heart goes out to the baby! Poor thing. It is so pathetic to watch them vomit. They are soooo frightened not knowing what's going on. It WAS good for you to be with her.

I hope that the sickness doesn't strike everyone in the house.

On the bright side, at least you are getting the sick thing over before the holidays!

Rachel said...

Oh no.
I am so sorry for you and Belle, and the rest of the flute loving, sloppy kiss sharing seidel family! YIKES!!!
It was a darlin' story though, even if the ending was less than ideal.

pb&j in a bowl said...

Stomach flu is the worst thing ever! Especially for a little one. I'm sure it was a HUGE comfort to her that you were there.

Sure hope no one else gets it.

Amy said...

Lattemommy - Thanks for the good vibes, they appear to be working!

Fine for Now - I can't believe your Luck. I have NEVER heard of anyone escaping flu, car sickness and food poisoning for so long!

It is Saturday afternoon and our house has been Vomit Free since Thursday!!!
**doing happy dance**