Saturday, December 8, 2007

So Long, My Friend

Today is an unexpectedly sad day in our house. My husband is cleaning our Peg Perego Pliko 3 stroller for *gasp* consignment.

I love this stroller. I have no good reason to keep it, we haven't used it in months. Belle will be 4 in January and Ariel is 2 1/2. Ariel is a big girl, and according to her, only babies ride in strollers. So the Peg is going where all good Pegs go, the consignment shop.

One of the benefits of buying a Peg is it's resale value, or at least that's what I told myself at the time. The real reason for the Peg? It's sexy, light weight, easy to maneuver, and frickin' cool. I was one of those mommies carrying a designer diaper bag, wearing makeup and working my designer jeans and impractical shoes. I didn't want my stroller hindering me in between racks of clothing at Nordstrom and Ann Taylor**. I had things to buy and other Mommies to strut my stuff with.

It really didn't last long. By the time Belle was 9 months old, I was pregnant with Ariel. Pretty soon my super sexy shoes were replaced by the comfort of Dansko. Not long after that, the jeans were stored away and I was donning maternity clothing. The stroller still rocked my world, but not because it was so cool, but because it was so easy.

I could put my baby Ariel in a sling, set up the stroller with one hand, put 18 month old Belle in the stroller and off we went. Except now we weren't strutting our stuff. We were rushing to the story time that had already started. We were meeting other overtired, rundown mommies of two at the park or mall play area. I was wearing a hat to cover my disheveled hair and sunglasses to hide my makeup-less eyes.

The true reason why I am going to miss this stroller is because it represents a short period of time when I was the Mommy I always wanted to be. The one with every hair in place, makeup perfectly done and wearing fashionable clothing. The Mommy who went to the mall to shop, for herself. The Mommy that didn't have to waste her time in a play area and wasn't negotiating with her restless kids so she could try on one article of clothing.

To me the Peg represents everything good in motherhood. A sleeping baby in a comfortable stroller while Mommy is shopping. Those were the days.

**Total side note: Did you see Ann Taylor makes maternity clothes?? Ann Taylor Maternity is a great reason to get knocked up!


Nap Warden said...

Well, I was never able to pull off shopping with my team...We started with the bugaboo, and ended up with the Phil & Teds. I am still completely bound to the strollers...Good luck selling!

Rachel said...

I officially hate you for being that mommy.
You're so funny.
We're still in strollerville, but I love my Jeep stroller. It kicks tail!! It's light, it's rugged, it goes offroading and malling and it goes really well with the camouflage diaper bag :-)
LOL. Great pics.
Saying goodbye to any stage is so hard!!! Hope you get big bucks!

Amy said...

Nap Warden - Phil & Teds was at the top of my stroller wish list but, the closest store that sold them was in Seattle. I didn't want to order one sight unseen or drive 2 hours to look at one so, I settled *wink* for the Peg.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

New to your blog - I like it!

I can't even remember the "stroller years" although I miss them! My 18 year old enlisted in the Air Force this year - seems like just yesterday I was pushig him around in his Emmaljunga pram stroller (another great stroller that impresses the mommy crowd!)


suchsimplepleasures said...

i have that same stroller! according to my youngest...he's about to be 4...he thinks he is too big and too big boys don't go in baby strollers! so, you've given me a good idea...consignment. at least i can get back some of the money spent...but, it's so sad!
i came here through rachel...monkeys and princesses blog! and...i'll be back!

pb&j in a bowl said...

I was never quite that mommy and I fully blame my cheap Costco stroller. I told my hubs that if we have another baby, we're splurging on one of those fancy ones (stroller not baby).

Amy said...

Rachel - We looked at the Jeep stroller when Ariel came along and we needed a double. It's a great stroller (we ended up getting a double jogger).

Wonderful World of Weiners - Thanks for visiting. I would much rather have my baby safe in a stroller than grown up and serving our country. Much respect to your family, and my prayers go out for his safety.

Suchsimplepleasures - Thanks for visiting. Rachel Rocks! The used Peg's sell for near $100.00

PJ in a Bowl - LOL!

Kellan said...

Yes, it is a sad day when the baby items are no longer present in the house (except for the diaper bags - hated the diaper bags). Take care, Kellan

Kelly said...

Oh, it pains me how much I can relate. When Jack was born and I was a Mommy of one, I was still a red-hot smokin Mommy who had it all together. I was the envy of the mommy world. Now, that Molly was born and I have the two under two, it's totally changed. I drive a mini-van, for pete's sake. When you see the totally disheveled, frazzled, confused, exhausted mom wearing spit-up stained sweatshirts and begging her little toddler not to jump from the tallest structure on the playground with his eyes closed while simultaneously trying to feed his hollering baby sister, you should wave at her. Because, that crazy bitch is me!

Amy said...

Kelly - you are too funny! I can relate to where you are now. 2 under the age of two is an experience. It gets easier. I promise!