Thursday, December 13, 2007

What if I don't wanna be the boat?

Tonight Belle, Ariel and I decided to play Geo-Trax. Belle and I set up the tracks while Ariel linked the trains together. Belle then assigned duties to Ariel and I. "Mommy, you are the boat. Ariel, you drive the train and I am the airplane."

I deviated from my role as the boat, and was quickly reprimanded. "Mommy, you can't play with the boxes, those are for the airplane, you need to put gas in the boat!"

I am not one to be pushed around, so I told Ariel that she needs to let people play how they want to. I want to play with the boxes and the fire engine for awhile. For five minutes I listened to Ariel's instructions. "All the trees need to go here. The boat needs to go in the water. That is not the water. These signs don't go here. Mommy, stack these boxes. Ariel, drive your train this way." Finally I decided to go downstairs and make some tea.

"Okay Mommy, but you have to bring your tea back upstairs with you." Belle says.

I muttered something that she must of taken as a yes, because she let me go. Honestly, I couldn't take the bossiness any more. Belle is reigning supreme over the play room. She has a crown and knows how to use it. I want to put a stop to it, but the only person it is bothering, is me.

Ariel is completely fine playing with Belle. She either follows Belle's instruction, or she ignores Belle, depending on if she finds Belle's suggestions favorable or not. Maybe I should follow Ariel's lead. Maybe a two year old is better equip to deal with a bossy three year old than I am.

While downstairs sipping my tea and typing this post, I can still here Belle telling Ariel what to do. I go upstairs to investigate, and find Belle sitting on the toilet giving commands. Yes, folks she has found her throne. "Ariel, now you need to run down the stairs."

Ariel replies "Okay, Belle," and off she goes.

She goes down the stairs as fast as her little legs can carry her. When she gets to the bottom, she turns around and goes back upstairs, happily. Ariel returns to the bathroom where Belle has come up with a new task for her sister. I go downstairs again. Downstairs where it is quite and peaceful.

Everyone is happy. I'm not sure if I should intervene. Is she bossy or is she just showing great leadership skills? If I instruct her to not tell others what to do, will I put an end to her future as a CEO? Can I keep quiet and let her learn how to tame her bossiness into something more pleasant by experiencing the natural consequences of being demanding? Currently the natural consequence is that her Mommy doesn't want to play with her anymore. But, don't tell her that. I don't want to hurt her feelings.


Kellan said...

I haven't even read your post yet - I'm going to in a minute - I just had to come over and give you a high five for that comment about the squirrel - I am still laughing (*head thrown back, mouth wide open - make you wanna laugh - kind of laugh*)! High Five - that was a good one.

Kellan said...

What a funny post and I could just see all of it so clearly. I have 4 bossy butts over here, just like your Belle. It, in my opinion, is a sign of a leader, but it can certainly get out of hand and cause many problems with those siblings and friends that don't like being bossed around. She'll learn this (take it from me) when one of her friends that she really likes tells her or when she realizes that no one wants to play with her because they always have to do it her way (talking about Alexis here). I eventually had to come out (with all of my kids) and tell them to stop being so bossy, it was nice to let others make decisions every once in a while or at least let them think they are making the decisions.

This was a cute story and I love your little Belle - she's definitely future CEO material! Take care and see you later. Kellan

Irene said...

Wow, that is SO much like my little girls. The 6 yo bosses the 2 yo around all day. Her instructions are in very great detail. Sometimes the 2 yo follows along, sometimes she just ignores her. When the 2 yo doesn't listen, she gets very upset.

Oftentimes, I intercede when I can't stand listening to the orders being barked out any longer. However, maybe you are right, am I stifling her leadership skills? Am I taking away her chances of someday being a CEO? Maybe?

Rachel said...

I have a total miss bossy pants over here, so I feel your pain. Great story. I love that she's not really bothered that you aren't playing with her and would rather have Tea. I think once Ariel quits acquiescing to her every desire, it might change a bit. Who knows?
I know that I will stay tuned to hear more about those adorable girls!

Rachel said...

Amy, I adore you! You make me laugh so hard.
Thank you for your hysterical words, your sweet, heartwarming words and everything in between!