Friday, December 14, 2007

Flaunt It Friday: In Memory of Oma

The Mommy Kelly at Taken With a Grain of Salt has posed her Flaunt It Friday Challenge: In Memoriam.

This challenge comes at a good time. The holidays are a time to remember those who are no longer with us. The important people in our lives never leave us, even when they have passed away, They live in our memories. It’s important to Flaunt those memories, so that these loved ones are not forgotten.

Mid-December last year, my Sister-in-law called to tell me that my Oma’s health was failing. This was news I was not expecting. My Oma still lived at home with my Opa and had only suffered from minor health issues. Two weeks later, On December 26th she passed away in her home surrounded by her family.

My Oma is a very important person in my life. The second post I ever wrote is about her, and her life. Rather than recount that story, I will link to it here.

I admire my Oma for her strength. I love her for her acceptance and kindheartedness. I remember going to her house as a child. We only lived a couple of miles from them. I have very fond memories of playing with my brothers and cousins on my Oma and Opa's ranch. There was so much to do. They had birds, fish, walnut trees and a creek. She would always have lime Kool-aid. To this day lime Kool-aid reminds me of those childhood adventures and of her.

What I love most about my Oma is the family she is responsible for. I love my aunts, uncles, and cousins beyond words. I treasure all the Christmas Eve's and Thanksgivings we spent together. I recognize that at the root of all my good childhood memories is a woman who after marrying my Opa, left her family and home in Holland so they could make a new life for themselves in the United States. Without her strength, determination, and love; I would not be here.

My Opa is not the same without her. They were married for 60 years. I cannot even fathom the pain he must be experiencing this last year without her. My Oma and Opa mean the world to me, and they meant the world to each other. I only want to say, "Hold on Opa. I know you are sad, but I am not ready for a world without you. I miss her too."

My Oma left behind a loving and close knit family. Many of us honor her in the naming of our children. Every generation of my Oma's family had a Nicolaas. My Uncle John's middle name is Nicolaas, my Dad's first name is Nicolaas, both of my brothers and several of my cousins have the middle name Nicolaas. My firstborn is named after my father. My second born is named after one of my Oma's sisters.

My Oma loved cross stitch and needlework. The pictures in this post are pieces she made. I have two more, not pictured here, that are hung in my children's rooms. I treasure these pieces. I look upon them daily and know that they were made by hands that I loved and that loved me.

Thank you Oma, I will not forget.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Amy, decidedly BAWLING here!!!!! I love your memorium post and the link to your grandparent's story. Beautiful. And your Oma's crosstitchis superb! You are so blessed to have those to remember her by.

Thank you so much for participating! I thought I had really pissed everyone off when noone jumped in. I mean, really who the hell wants to cry at the holidays?!

My girls call their paternal grandparents Omi and Opi. I think it is so cute.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Rachel said...

This was a beautiful tribute to what was obviously a very special woman. Those are gorgeous pieces. What wonderful pieces of family history those are, as well as works of art.
Absolutely beautiful Amy.
Thank you for your sweet words.

OHmommy said...

What a beautiful tribute. And what beautiful work you have to remind everyone of her. Very special post Amy, thank you.

Kellan said...

What beautiful cross stiches and what a beautiful tribute to your sweet Oma. Take care. Kellan