Saturday, December 15, 2007

Three Smiles, Two Girls and One Mommy

Today was a girl’s day. I don’t mean one of those wonderful days when you get a mani-pedi, shop, and drink wine with your girlfriends. I’m talking about a day with my daughters, no daddy allowed. I shouldn’t say he wasn’t allowed, he is always allowed to spend the day with his girls. Today he was doing manly stuff. He put his house flipping skills back to work and tiled our neighbor's kitchen back splash.

What do I have to say about my girl’s day? It was difficult. Today was filled with constant fighting between siblings, disagreements just for the sake of disagreeing, not wanted to share but wanting to play with the same toys and the inability to hear their mother’s voice and follow instructions. My husband assured me that it is always like this and I shouldn’t take it personally.

Now that they are tucked in bed for the night I can say, it was a good day. We had our bonding moments. We went to a Christmas dance recital that our neighbor was in. Belle turned to me in the middle of a tap dance routine and said, “I love all the dancing Mommy.” I don’t know why that brought tears to my eyes.

We made salt-dough Christmas ornaments together. The shapes are cut and baked. We will save the painting for another day. When we were cutting out the shapes with cookie cutters, Belle said to me, “Mommy, you seem so mad.”

I smiled my biggest smile and said in my forced happy voice, “Oh honey, I am not mad. I just have to work really fast so the dough doesn’t dry out.”

In reality I was not happy. Ariel was spreading corn starch all over the counter, floor, her clothing and face. I had to work quickly with the dough and it wasn’t as much fun as I thought it would be. Belle’s comment made me realize that the memories we were creating had the potential to be good or bad. It was my responsibility to ignore the temporary mess and need to produce perfect ornaments. It was time to be silly and enjoy the process.

That was a turning point in the day for us. I would have rather had that moment at 10 am instead of 5 pm, but the rest of the day was stress-free nonetheless.

So my girls are tucked in bed and my heart is filled with love for them and gratitude that I got to share my day with them. Someday we will spend our girl’s days at the mall and the day spa. Until then, I’ll gladly take a day like today.


The Sports Mama said...

I loved this post!

I've always tried to practice the art of enjoying my kids for who they are at that exact moment in time when I'm fortunate enough to be with them, and I'm so glad! With Jock being a teenager now, we don't often get to do the fun stuff they beg you to do when they're little. It helps to ease the sting somewhat to remember that I was able to put aside the dirty dishes, leave the laundry in the basket and build a fort under the dining room table with him.

Cherish the messy moments. They get fewer as the kidlets get older. said...

It was nice to read something touching and pougnant without it being overly trite or soppy. Great post!

Irene said...

I need a dose of that today. My 2 yo was up until 1 a.m. last night for some Godunknown reason. Then she was up at 7:30 this morning, again, for some Godunknown reason. Now she is sitting on the couch, with everything that she could possible want, crying about something that no one in this house can figure out. So, bad parents, we let her cry. And we have a snow/ice storm today so no one is going anywhere.

I can't wait until naptime.

Lisa said...

I know what you mean!! I am always afraid they'll remember "Mean Mommy" more than "Happy Mommy". But there are moments peppered throughout the day. Sometimes when I am at my crabbiest, I try to stop and give an extra hug or smooch. Sounds like you had a good day overall.

Kellan said...

It sounds like a perfect day with your girls - I am so glad and I too, "love all the dancing"! TAke care. Kellan

Rachel said...

Wonderful post, as always.
I adore that picture!!
I try very hard to enjoy the messy moments, but sometimes it is hard.
You did wonderfully with this.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I'm planning on doing these with my little punks this week.

You are soooo right about making memories and the potential for the good ones. I have to keep that in mind more often.

suburbandaddy said...

In 20 years, your kids won't care that the ornaments look like a child made them (they did). But they will remember that you did it together.


TheVasquez3 said...

i loved reading this. i need to take more time to slow down and make a few messes. thanks for the lovely reminder!

Nap Warden said...

Great post, great picture. I know what you mean, I need to remind myself not to sweat the small stuff...not easy. Kiddos are sweet, fun, and very messy!

OHmommy said...

Awww.... what a great mommy you are. Thanks for the reminder, I often wonder what my kids will remeber when older. Me yelling at them or me dancing with them.

Great post!!!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

What a cute picture... In years to come, when you look at this pic, you won't even remember the corn starch all over the place - you''ll just remember the "moment" with your girls.

You're a good mommmy :-)