Thursday, December 6, 2007

Work, Beer and Botox

Latte Mommy tagged me for my very first MEME. What's a MEME? I have no idea, but all the popular blogs are doing it and now I can too! For this MEME I get to list seven things that you didn't know about me. Ready? Here they are.

  • I've mentioned that I am a working mom, but never talk about my job. I am an office manager in an office with three engineers. They engineer our product, I do the other stuff. This means accounting, human resources, purchasing, project management, marketing and telling the assembly team what to build and when to build it. I also get to deal with shipping and export documents. It is a good job, and I enjoy the people I work with.

  • I recently outsourced all my job related writing responsibilities. I was writing press releases with the help my co-workers and an editor. I do not like writing, especially pieces about our very technical XYZ product for a complicated ABC industry that are published in trade magazines read by people more knowledgeable about the industry and applications than I am. Two weeks after I hired a PR firm write my press releases for me, I started this blog. It seems I love a challenge, and am currently challenging myself to become a better writer.

  • The three engineers that I work with met in college. One of the traditions they maintain from their college days is Beer O' Clock. Every Friday at 4 pm we walk to a beer shop that sells microbrews by the bottle. In order to hang out with the guys and drink at work, I've learned to like beer. I have found Abby style Belgium beers to be quite tasty.

  • Every weekday during my lunch break I walk across the street to my gym and workout. It is the best hour of my day.

  • For my 31st birthday, I treated myself to Botox injections. It was great and I'd do it again. For your enjoyment, here is 2 pictures. Me with Botox and me without Botox. I won't even tell you which is which. You guess.

  • I unintentionally lied about my weight on my drivers license. I was eight pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight when I got a new drivers license. I put 125 pounds on my application fully expecting to lose the last couple of pounds. I have been dieting for the last year and a half so I can honestly say I weigh what my license says. It's stupid, I know.

  • Some of my closest friends live far away from me. I either left them in California or they have moved away. I am terrible at picking up the phone and not consistent with e-mailing so I don't get to talk to them very much. I miss them!
That's all folks. Thanks for reading. That was really fun to write.

Now in hopes of finding out some little known facts about my new friends in the blogosphere, I would like to invite....

Fine for Now, who I just found and love her amusing posts.

Rachel, From the Land of Monkeys and Princesses. She just tagged me on an Ipod meme which I am going to figure out how to do on my Windows Media Player, soon.

Amy at Permission to Peruse who writes a blog I am being entertained by.

TheMommyKelly at Taken with a Grain of Salt. If you are looking for something fun to do, check out her Flaunt it Friday Challenge.

I'd tag some more people, but my bed is calling. Happy blogging everyone.


Tot's Mom said...

Well, at least you are doing some exercise. That's healthy. :) For me, I'm just too lazy for that although I really should!

Amy Bennett said...

Good job on your first meme...I'm going to do mine now.

Nap Warden said...

Wow, many questions...did it hurt, was is expensive, how long did it last??? I don't know if I could do it, but I wouldn't rule it out...

Just My Type said...

You don't look like your far from the DL weight. You look fabulous!

It's almost beer o'clock. Enjoy. What a fun tradition. I get together every Friday for lunch with some girlfriends. It's a tradition I wouldn't miss. Today's was at a burger and beer joint so I'm one ahead of you.

Thanks for coming by my blog. I've been enjoying yours.

Simply A Musing Blog said...

My MIL wants the botox...but she's afraid it tell me - does it hurt? :)

(I think you look beautiful in BOTH photos, by the way!)

Amy said...

Nap Warden and Simply A Musing -
your botox questions answered:
The little tiny needle hurt as much as you'd expect. I was more freaked out by the "crunch" sound of the needle piercing my skin. there was no discomfort afterwards.

Cost was $200 - $250, but I tacked it on to a laser hair removal session, so I may have gotten a discount.

It lasted at least 3 months. It goes away gradually, so it seemed like I was still receiving some benefit from the Botox five months after the injections. Because the injected muscles have been in a relaxed state for so long, The wrinkles (or furrowed brow) take awhile to come back.

Just My Type - Already two sheets to the wind, huh? My type of girl.

I am not far from my DL weight. People usually want to slap me upside the head when I say I need to lose weight. I'm tending to agree with them, these days.

Rachel said...

ARGGHHH :-) another meme :-) SO FUN! This gives me blog fodder for tomorrow.
Come see, I have a present for you :-)

Rachel said...

Well hell's bells woman. Thank you.
I can't tell the difference between the pictures (sorry) You're beautiful in both, needles scare the poo out of me (and ironically, my father designs syringes for work) and monkey had to have injections, bloodwork and yuck for the first 4 months every single day.
you rock. period.

plastic surgery said...

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