Saturday, January 5, 2008

Having a bad day?

Jeff had a rough day with the kids yesterday. He didn't want to rehash all the details over dinner, but he did tell me that the last straw was when walked into the bathroom and found it looked much like a scene in Dumb and Dumberer * where a melted chocolate bar gets all over the bathroom and the man of the house thinks it's poop. Except in our case it was poop.
*warning, movie clip contains profanity.

I felt bad for Jeff, but not overly sympathetic because kids sometimes do this sort of thing. It just comes with the territory, right?

After dinner we went to Target. Upon our arrival both girls needed to potty. I took them into the bathroom, while Jeff did some shopping. Both my girls are independent. They want to use individual stalls with the doors closed. I am left to stand near the sinks and help them as needed.

Ariel finished first and after washing her hands she decided that she needed to go potty again. After Belle finished, Ariel was still in the stall so I peeked through the crack in the stall to see what Ariel was doing. She had balled the bottom of her dress up in her hand and was dunking it in the toilet water.

I instantly felt more sympathy for Jeff's earlier poop experience.

These two ordeals in a single day seem like enough, but Ariel was not done with us yet.

At 9 pm our kids were tucked (so we thought) safely in bed, when we heard crying. Jeff went upstairs and found the bathroom and hall completely flooded and Ariel standing in the middle of it, dripping wet. She attempted to flush a whole roll of toilet paper. The flooding was so bad water was dripping through the ceiling and onto our downstairs carpet. Today we pulled back the carpet upstairs to view the damage.We will have to replace the carpet and the pad. I'm thankful that Jeff has house flipping expertise, and credit lines at all the home improvement centers.

Notice that our home builder marked the floor squeak and apparent low spot where all the water flowed before he covered it with carpet. So very kind of him.


Lisa said...

oh no! on no! oh no!!!!

louann said...

Hi came across your blog. Have been back tracking your posts. And think I will keep coming back for more =)

Your girls are adorable.

And with what had just happened -- goodluck!

#1 Dad said...

OMG, omg, all I can say is bummer!

pb&j in a bowl said...

WOW! That's a bad day times 1000. So sorry it happened to you!

Irene said...

Now THAT is definitely a very bad day. Good luck with the clean up!!!

Rachel said...

Oh honey!! I am so sorry.
Poor Ariel, Poor Jeff and Poor Mommy. So Belle managed to come out of this unscathed? wow.


SuburbanDaddy said...

LOL. I can sooooo relate. Especially to the finding of the poop. One time, I didn't notice the poop in Thing 1's underwear, and it went through the washing machine. You can use your imagination for the rest.

Days like this are very funny...after the fact.

Kellan said...

Oh My Goodness - what a mess! I hope you get it all taken care of quickly - nice that you hubby is handy. Take care. Kellan

themommykelly said...

The never ending joys of parenting! An entire roll of toilet paper, eh!? Holy crap!