Saturday, January 12, 2008

Reasons He Rocks

Jeff and I had a little tiff. Just a tiny disagreement that had less to do with him or me, and everything to do with money. I feel bad, because I should not hassle him. I would be apologizing instead of blogging, but he had to rush out and return a movie to the Redbox.

In honor of my husband, who didn't deserve to be the target of my stress induced frustrations, I present to you 6 of the reasons he rocks:

Reasons 1 & 2: I made a discovery tonight when I was cooking pork chops. We have breaded pork chops once a week. He does all the cooking so, I couldn't find the shake-n-bake. After tearing through the pantry I discovered there was no shake-n-bake. Then I looked for seasoned bread crumbs. None of those either. Google helped me find a recipe that uses saltines.

As we were eating my "not as good as his" pork chops, I let him know about the bread crumb shortage. He told me that he doesn't buy bread crumbs. He makes his own. Yep, that's right. Once a week he toasts bread, works some magic with a knife and spices and creates an amazing pork chop dinner from scratch.

Reason 3 & 4: Most of you know that Jeff is a stay-at-home dad. What you don't know, and I find utterly insane, is that he takes our girls to the gym so they can go swimming. By Himself. Just the thought of a lone parent taking two young kids swimming makes my head spin.

Think of the logistics. Putting swimsuits on. Getting in the pool. Making sure no one drowns. Making sure no one pees (or poops) in the pool. Convincing them to get out of the pool when it is time to go. Showering. Getting everyone dressed again.
Would you do it? I wouldn't.

Reasons 5 & 6: I am a little biased, but I think he is good looking. Every week this handsome, witty and interesting man takes me out on a date. Yes, a date with my husband should be the number one reason he rocks, but I am still amazed by his pork.


The Sports Mama said...

Love this list!

And, don't know if you've noticed... :)

But everytime I get upset with Coach, especially when its not really deserved on his part, I do a really nice post about him. :)

Looking back at that, apparently I get a bit more upset that I thought I had.... :)

lattemommy said...

"...but I am still amazed by his pork."

Amy, you dirty girl!!!! *grin*

Amy said...

Sports Mama - I didn't notice that. The great thing about blogging is the post will remain long after the memory of the fight.

Latte - ME! Dirty? I'm sure I meant it in the most innocent way.

JLow said...

I need to show Wife this post!

I regularly take my 3yr old Caitlin swimming! I have flown long-haul with Caitlin ALONE; return! I have taken her shopping amidst the Christmas eve rush, using public transport in a foreign land!

Ok so I only have one toddler at the moment, so I am not as super as Jeff, but I reckon I am still semi-super!

So Wife needs to say / blog / write / express something awesome about me too!

louann said...

This is great! You are one blessed woman!!! =) So so sweet you two date once a week. I think that is amazing.

Liz said...

awww! maybe dads are more fun than moms?

Don Mills Diva said...

Okay I hope you don't find this inappropriate but...your husband is HOT!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Thanks for the great comment today. It really made me feel better....

Hallie :-)

Kellan said...

You had me at "bread crumbs"! He makes his own breadcrumbs?! You have listed some pretty darn good reasons that he definitely rocks!! You are very lucky to have such a good (and good looking) fella! He's a keeper. Hope you had a good weekend Amy - see you soon. Kellan

OHmommy said...

Wow... HOT husband that makes his own breadcrumbs and takes the kids swimming.

You. Are. Lucky.

Irene said...

So sweet. That is wonderful that he takes the girls swimming.

Sounds like a definite keeper!!!

Marla said...

This is so sweet. I agree....he is brave taking two kids swimming. When I take one I am so tired afterwards. I am sure your little tiff will be all over after he reads this post.

Rachel said...

Awe... adorable.

Lisa said...

He sounds like an aweosme guy! and FYI, only my son can roll his tongue in our house!