Tuesday, November 13, 2007

100 things you should know about me:

  1. I Grew up going to church
  2. in California
  3. I was overweight growing up
  4. In my early 20's I lost 50 pounds in 9 months
  5. And kept it off
  6. I have been evicted from my apartment
  7. I had nowhere to go, so I slept at my office
  8. and showered at the gym
  9. My husband and I married March 1, 1997
  10. My parents got divorced
  11. We got a puppy, Hercules
  12. My drivers license got taken away for too many tickets
  13. I got my car impounded for driving without a license
  14. We never got the car out of impound
  15. we moved in with my in-laws
  16. for 3 months
  17. My husband got a job, we saved our money and moved out
  18. I stayed at home so my husband could prove himself as a provider
  19. He made some money and we bought a 2nd car
  20. I got another puppy, AJ
  21. I would temp whenever I got bored
  22. My husband was really good at his job
  23. He was in sales
  24. He sold a lot
  25. We bought a house in Fair Oaks, CA
  26. 1150 square feet with a pool
  27. It was cozy
  28. He leased a 2001 BMW 525
  29. Crashed it 3 months later
  30. then got another one
  31. My husband ordered a 2002 BMW X5 for me
  32. It arrived from Germany the day we got back from Maui
  33. Possibly the best week of my life
  34. I once spent $1000 in one day on clothes
  35. All for me
  36. I was retaliating against my husband
  37. He spent $1000 on clothes earlier that week
  38. We’re talking cash, no credit cards
  39. You get the point
  40. I got a job working for a home builder
  41. I made a lot of great friends
  42. Husband lost his job
  43. I wanted a baby
  44. As soon as he got a new job, we got pregnant
  45. I love being pregnant
  46. Except for the weight gain
  47. I gained 70 pounds
  48. I made my husband get rid of his BMW
  49. I told him to get something more affordable
  50. He bought an Audi
  51. Our Firstborn arrived Jan, 26 2004
  52. Husband lost his job 2 months later
  53. I went back to work
  54. We decided to move to Washington
  55. Sold our house for twice what we paid for it
  56. Bought a house in Vancouver
  57. Husband looked for work
  58. And looked
  59. And looked
  60. I lost all my baby weight within 9 months
  61. and found out I was pregnant again
  62. I got a temp job
  63. They eventually hired me part time
  64. Our second daughter was born July 4th 2005
  65. No job for husband
  66. He enrolled in classes to finish his college degree
  67. We were on WIC
  68. Kids and I were on state medical insurance
  69. and food stamps, too
  70. Cashed out my IRA
  71. Husband got a job!
  72. We refinanced our house
  73. Husband got fired
  74. Husband looked for work
  75. And looked
  76. Someone said “you should flip a house”
  77. Seemed like a good idea
  78. Cashed out my husband’s IRA
  79. The flip took longer than expected
  80. And cost more
  81. The housing market started to tank
  82. It was a huge strain on our marriage
  83. I asked my boss if he would hire me full time
  84. I asked for a raise too
  85. He gave me more money than I asked for
  86. and a bonus
  87. The bonus saved us from having to sell a car
  88. We had a really hard time selling the flipped house
  89. It sold 1 week before we were going to run out of cash
  90. We lost money
  91. I don't even want to count how much
  92. We now have $57,000 in credit card debt
  93. My husband crashed his remaining BMW
  94. He mourns that car
  95. Our Marriage is stronger than ever
  96. My husband is a great stay-at-home-dad
  97. I love my life, and wouldn't change a thing
  98. I still go to church.
  99. I praise God for all these experiences
  100. And the ability to write about them


Liz said...

wow - you have a great life story! :) I'm Liz, I'm not sure how I found your blog, but I'm totally intrigued. stop by some time :) http://thelizness.blogspot.com

Donna said...

WOW. That is awesome that you are still married through all of that, and a strong marriage at that.

You have a great testimony and I look forward to getting to know you!