Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What’s in a Name?

I have to make a change. I am not writing about Firstborn, LittleOne and Husband anymore. My stories lose their flow when I write about them. I am tossing out their names and starting from scratch.

How do I pick a better name?

I thought about asking them what names they prefer. I might get some off the wall names from my oldest. She has a doll named Rainee (pronounced Rain – Knee) and a puppet named Princess Frumba. The only common name she has picked for any of her toys is her stuffed dog named Parker. Parker is the name of our neighbor’s dog. Asking the kids is definitely out.

I thought about asking my Husband. He wanted to name one of our children Nikki Fontaine. Go ahead say it out loud “Nikki Fontaine”. Perfect name…..for a stripper! Asking the husband is definitely out.

I have to come up with new names on my own. I have two girls, and you know they are princesses. But I can’t call them both princess. I could name them after their favorite princess. We have several of the plush Disney Princess dolls that the girls LOVE. I could just name them after what princess each child prefers. What if they swap their princess? Then I won’t even know who I am writing about. What if I name them after the princess they most resemble. that might work.

Let’s start with LittleOne. She’s easy. I will call her Ariel. You know sweet Ariel. The little mermaid that is always disobeying her father, breaking the rules and finally going behind her fathers back to make a deal with Ursula so she can get what she wants. Yep, that’s my LittleOne. Now, before you judge her too harshly, I have to tell you that she has done none of these things, yet. But she is stubborn and determined just like me (read “Little Miss Personality”), and I did all those things.

What princess is Firstborn most like? We can rule out Cinderella, there is no locking my child in her room. Sleeping Beauty doesn’t work. Firstborn stopped taking naps when she was 2 years old. She has never liked sleeping. The princess Firstborn most resembles is Belle. Belle is smart, loves her Papa more than anything and wants to be friends with everyone, even the hideous beast. That is my firstborn.

I need a name for Husband. I could name him after the Disney father that he is most like. Impossible. All the Disney daddies are widowers. I will call Husband by the name I love most. Jeff. After all, the purpose of changing the names of my family members is to protect the innocent. Jeff is no innocent. And neither am I.

From this post forward our blog names shall be: Jeff, Amy, Belle and Ariel.


Rachel said...

LOL! That was so cute. What a creative idea. :-)
So, I'm not sure if I should be offended that you were googling those words to see waht song they came from or impressed and flattered that you think they're that good.
:-) LOL.
Thanks for stopping by!

Rachel said...

You are adorable! LOL!!!
Thanks for the explanation (totally not needed) and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one not operating on full brain capacity!

The Sports Mama said...

This is one post I can definitely identify with! If you ever get a free moment, you should check out one or two of my early posts about why I chose the names I did for my crew. Bug's alternate names still crack me up! :)