Sunday, November 25, 2007

Flaunt it.....Sunday?

"Taken with a grain of salt" posted her Flaunt it Friday challenge on...... Friday. I was off taking advantage of all the wonderful sales on Friday, so I missed it. I have given myself a holiday extension so I can take part in this fun challenge.

The objective is to post two photo's of yourself. A "I've never looked so good, I am Hot Hot Hot" photo and then the photo that you thought you had burned, but somehow it is still lingering around.
It is my pleasure to show you my Hot Hot Hot photo.

This picture was taken on March 2, 2002. Jeff and I were in Maui celebrating our 5 year anniversary. We took a very similar (same beach, in front of a rented Jeep) picture 5 years earlier for our Honeymoon.
Just last week I cataloged these old photos with Adobe Photoshop Album Starter. I told Jeff to look at how the Album Starter put all our pictures in date order. (It's really cool) On our date night he said to me, "You looked great when we went to Maui. I saw a picture where you had a 6-pack." He meant ab's not beer.

I said "Are you sure? I don't remember that."

This got him all upset because he thought I didn't believe him. Really I wanted him to repeat his statement and possibly extend the conversation at a louder volume so other people in the bar could hear that yes, I use to have a 6 pack. Now I have 2 children and a appendectomy scar that makes my belly button look strange.

Unfortunately I have to move on to the "other" picture.

This photo was taken my Freshman year of college. The fact that I am posing in front of a McDonald's sign should be a pretty good indication of my physical fitness at this time. Three years later I weighed 185 pounds and wore a size 16. I wish I could find a picture from that year. I am pretty sure that I destroyed all of them. When I look at this picture I am not surprised that I was called "Thunder Thighs" in High School.

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lattemommy said...

Wow, Amy! You should be proud that your "hot, hot, hot" photo was from only 5 years ago! I cannot even imagine how far I'd have to go back to find one of me that I would even consider labelling "hot". I'm not sure I'd ever find one... *sigh* I've been plagued with remarkably bad hair all my life...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing, Amy! It's always so fun to remember days past.

Your Maui picture... whoa, Six pack definitely! Very cool. I'd love to get me one of them! That must take long hours at the gym! The kind we all had before children! Ha!

Ah, McDonald's is always a favorite with the college crowd. I can't even tell you how much I gained back then. However, it was nothing compared to now.

Rachel said...

Holy hell woman! At my best I never looked that good! Damn woman!! Rock on.
You're too cute.
I posted a blog post with the whiskey apple crumble recipe and links to the NY Times as well as the originial recipe book it comes from!
Thanks for all your support!!

Lisa said...

Very courageous! And you were/are so cute!

Tiff said...

WOW I wish I looked like that 5 years ago!!! Instead I won't let anyone take my picture becaust I'm heavier than I used to be. GRRR. I wish I wasn't. Guess what my new year's resolution will be???

Penny said...

Wow! Look at that 6 pack! Ab Fab woman!

LOL at the Makkers one... ye another reason to not eat there I guess ;)

Nap Warden said...

Those are some rockin' abs! I am so jealous...I gotta say, I have never looked that good...even when I was in marathon shape.

Leah said...

That is surely a hot photo!

I might want to join in on this fun