Saturday, November 17, 2007

This One Is For My Fridge

I love to read blogs. I am entertained by other peoples ramblings, stories and pictures. At first I relied heavily on my Blogroll to keep track of the blogs I was reading. I soon found it much easier to keep up with my favorite blogs through my Google Reader by subscribing to their RSS feeds. I now have 15 blogs that I am stalking. I think it's time to come out of the closet and publicly announce my devotion to these blogs.

I've have come up with a list of my 10 favorite blogs. I like to refer to these as:

Blogs that belong on my fridge

  1. From the Land of Monkeys and Princesses
    Favorite post: The Secret Engine parts 1 & 2

  2. Latte Mommy
    Favorite post: Sticky Buns

  3. Playgroups Are No Place For Childern
    Favorite post: Let's Play a Game! Incredibly Helpful or Nagging and Maniacal?

  4. I Love You Too Much
    Favorite post: Camera Phone Photography

  5. Taken with a Grain of Salt
    Favorite post: My Untitled Convent Diaries

  6. 20 Minutes of My Life
    Favorite post: Mortification

  7. Toddler Daddy
    Favorite post: Can't work out the Toddler Rules?

  8. The Lizness
    Favorite post: Half-Time

  9. Sarah and the Goon Squad
    Favorite post: I Have Become My Mother

  10. The Superdad Chronicles
    Favorite post: Stupidest Thing Ever

These Blogs will remain prominently displayed on my fridge for the next month. I look forward to reading their posts. I will also be looking for other blogs to stalk. If you are looking for a stalker, leave a comment and I will check your site out. Sometime next month I will come up with a new list of 10.
Will you be on it?

P.S. For those being honored. I wanted to come up with a award, but can't quite figure it out yet. If you are interested in having something to put on your site, let me know and I will work harder at it.


lattemommy said...

Hi Amy! Thanks for the acknowledgement! I've been reading your blog as well (congrats on weaseling (sp?) out of those tickets!) and I'm going to add your link to the Blogs I'm Reading list on my site.

By the way - I use Google Reader as well, and I really like it. I'm going to check out some of your other links too... even though I really should be going to bed! *grin*

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Hooray! Thanks.

And seriously, I HAVE become my mother.

Rachel said...

Awww shucks!
Thank you so much Amy!!!
I feel so special and loved!
I love reading your blog as well, I will check out your other favorites!!!
Feel free to stalk me anytime! LOL.

Lisa said...

Thanks so much!! As soon as I get soem time, I will read yours as well!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Amy!

I know that I'll be checking back in with you everyday and checking out your favorites as well.

JLow said...

Stalk me stalk me! I have never been popular in my life! ;)

A Daddee

The Sports Mama said...

Hi Amy! Thanks for popping into my blog as well!

And heck yeah... I'm always game for a good stalker! :)

Lizzi said...

Well, you know how I feel about stalkers! LOL

morninglight mama said...

Looking for new stalkees, you say? Well, I'm home all day with a 20-month-old daughter who incessantly screams at me for no good reason and a 2-month-old son who is pretty much attached to my boob all day, and in the afternoon we pick up my 7-year-old son who likes to complain about homework as a daily ritual... add a stalker to the mix, and I'd probably not even notice. :)

I just stumbled upon your blog, and I'll be adding you to my list. You can check out my ramblings at

Take care!

Camille said...

Ooh, you can stalk me if you want! I'm really nice. And I like your pink fridge.

Chubbacoo said...

Always looking for fans. Just kidding...sort of...

Stephanie said...

Hey Amy!
Your brother (whom I randomly ran across) gave me your blog. Your girls are lovely.
Fun to read through your stuff. Will get back to it to browse some more.

Yer old roomie

KathyLikesPink said...

I am loving that pink fridge! I mean totally. I lurve your fridge!

Wait, do I sound like a stalker?

but I do love your fridge

lindaloohoo said...

hey amy,
i don't remember how i found your blog, one of those, click here than click here than click here, etc :-)
but i love it and have been back frequently.
it's so funny that i read this post today as i JUST posted about a stalker, hmmm. kismet??
check us out at if you'd like.

Jacque said...

check out my blog :) Hope to see you there!

Nicole said...

I just saw your "fridge" and wanted to comment about it. I started with a blogroll and found that it was unmanageable. I couldn't keep up with it and relied heavily on my Google reader. Just a few weeks ago I figured out how to "share" my Google Reader stuff (go check it out). It's a widget that changes every time I mark something as "share" in the reader. It's very cool and allows me to change it easily and give link-love often to the 70+ blogs in my reader.

I just added "Mexico was Wonderful" and if someone clicks on it, you should see it show up on your Feedjit. Let me know what you think!