Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ode to the Stay-At-Home Dad

Being the stay at home parent is a job that does not end. Ever. Especially at night when everyone should be sleeping.

A couple nights ago our Firstborn came into our room at 3am asking her Dad for a pony tail. SuperDad calmly told her to go back to sleep and he would take care of it in the morning. This was after helping LittleOne go potty at some ungodly hour between midnight and 2 am.

Why is it that we could get our infants to sleep through the night at 12 weeks, but we can't get them to stay in their beds at 2 and 3 years old? I digress.

My husband is amazing. He does what some people say a man is incapable of. He provides superb care for our children, cleans (better than I ever did), grocery shops, has dinner on the table every night and has yet to run screaming from the house the minute I come home.

When I was the stay-at-home parent I had a monthly girls night out, a weekly yoga class, bible study with childcare and a babysitting swap with another mom so I could get an additional 4 hours free of children every other week. Superdad has none of those outlets. He has no other Superdad's to hang out with. He is with the kids all day, every day. Alone.

What an amazing and wonderful man I have been blessed with.


lattemommy said...

Wow! I'm blown away! You really do have "super-husband", aka. "superdad"! I'm a stay-at-home mommy, and the thought of being at home, alone, all-day everyday with them makes me shudder. How does he do it?

My husband *definitely* could not handle being a stay-at-home daddy. I went out yesterday afternoon (for the first time in so long you can't even imagine), and after 4 hours of me being gone he was a total puddle of goo. They nearly killed him.

I think he appreciates me just a little more now... *grin*

Amy said...

LatteMommy: How does he do it?
#1 Chocolate: He's always baking up something tasty. It drives me crazy. Today it was Chocolate Meringue Pie. How is a girl suppose to maintain her figure!
#2 Beer: He waits until I get home before he pours it, but some days he's got one hand on the fridge, waiting for me to walk in the door.

I hope you had a good time out. I'm glad your hubby survived!

Rachel said...

Give superdad a big high five and way to go from me and a big "Wow, he is an amazing guy" from my own superdad... because there's no way he could do it, he admits it.
That's fantastic! You really are blessed, and how lucky for your kids to get to experience both of you at home at some point. Y'all are a lucky and blessed family.