Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pee, Pee Go Away

I was sitting at my computer when I hear the sound of water. Someone turned the faucet on? I wish. Spilled milk? That would be nice. Ariel was having yet another accident while standing on a bar stool in the kitchen.

Poor girl. She is 28 months old and I think we might be pushing her to potty train before she is ready. Most of the time she does great. Some days, like today, she has several accidents. I don't mind the accidents, it's the blank expression on her face that makes me think she is not ready. She seems shocked that she is getting all wet, and doesn't know where the water is coming from.

I am the first to arrive at the accident scene. I remove Ariel's wet pajamas and panties, Jeff takes her to the bathroom for cleaning. I am gathering towels to clean up the rather large puddle in the kitchen. Next thing I know Belle gets bitten by the "its 10 minutes to bedtime and I must act like a crazy person" bug. She is running around in circles, saying "Yay! Another accident. Puddles to splash in. Yay!"

Where does she get this stuff?

Granted, we splashed in RAIN puddles today, but does she honestly think that her sister peed on the floor so we could enjoy some indoor puddle stomping just before bed time?

Then she starts singing a song:

Splash in puddles.
pee pee
pee pee

Stomp in some,
pee pee
pee pee

The song is quite good, the tune familiar. But seriously, where does she get this? She's can't be doing it for attention. I am too busy cleaning to respond and Jeff has taken Ariel upstairs for new pajamas. She is just a 3 year old being silly for her own amusement.


Rachel said...

Absolutely adorable!!!
We let Princess dictate her training. She was about 4 months shy of her 3rd birthday when she just decided she wanted to go on the potty. From that moment on, it was no more pull ups and 24/7 underwear. She has only had a couple of accidents and those only when there was no bathroom in sight or she waited too long.
I'm sorry for your frustration. She'll get it when she's ready.

lattemommy said...

I have only just gotten the Princess potty-trained, and she's going to be 3 next month. She wasn't going to do it until she was damn good and ready to... I used to see that blank expression quite a bit - she knew where the pee was coming from, she just didn't care. I'm glad that we're finally out of that phase. It will happen when she's ready! But, you know that, you've already potty-trained one!

Good luck!

Kalamazoo Mom of 2 said...

I'm a new "stalker" to your blog - found you through Latte Mommy (whose posts, I LOVE). While my toddler daughter and infant son don't offer much "free time" for me - I've enjoyed reading your blog thus far.
This particular post was hilarious and I look forward to reading more ...

Andrea said...

:>) I love your blog! What a great way to hear about how happy you are! I LOVE IT! Tell Jeff I said Hi.

Lisa said...

Pee Puddles! Funny...yet not when you are the one cleaning them!

Anonymous said...

That is a great photo. Your girls are so cute. They are lucky to be so close in age.
Lil'T is potty training as well. We are getting there, slowly but surely.
Sounds like your older daughter is just trying to look at the upside of it all. : )
Thank you so much for hanging me on your fridge. I know I am so behind in posting and I look so forward to getting settled in the new place and having the time to post more regularly.
much luv to you and yours~d

suburbandaddy said...

We have so many pee puddles on the carpet, people say "I didn't know you had a dog". We don't. I figure we'll get all new carpet when they are all trained.