Thursday, November 8, 2007

Little Miss Personality

The genetic combination of my husband and I resulted in beautiful children who don't look like either of us. We often fail to determine who's nose they have or who's lips. Before we had kids, we thought we would know right away who the children resembled by their hair. My husband was bald until he was 2 years old, I was born with a elaborate head of hair. Our children have neither. They have a moderate amount of unremarkable hair. Go figure.

I have a much easier time finding which personality traits the kids have inherited from us. Our little one has taken after me in the most amusing way. She is independent and determined. This is how I describe her. My Mom described these traits in me a little differently, she called it strong-willed.

The words strong-willed still make me cringe. In my experience the term sums up everything that is wrong with a child and needs to be changed. Take it from me, the last thing you are going to do with a strong-willed child is change them.

My little one isn't strong-willed. She is determined, independent and 2 years old. So, I listen to her insistent words "I do it myself.", and I let her try. Last night she wanted to put her pajama's on herself. It was a complicated task complete with buttons. Whenever I would come into her room to check her progress, she would turn her back to me and mutter "I do it myself." And she did. The buttons weren't in the right holes. But she got the idea. When she was done I was impressed and she was proud. Those are moments worth being patient for.


Anonymous said...

Kudos to her!! My toddler is all so a determined little thing! She can work the cell phone camera, but has yet to thread a button. I suppose the determination is saved for those things she decides are worth her time.
She has just started insisting that I give her clothing options so that she may make the final selection. She has to be left to her own devices when executing such tasks as cutting food with her fork, putting on her shoes, using the potty, and other various daily routines.
She impresses me constantly.
You are so right, these are the things to be patient for.
Her own patience is an inspiration.
Thanks for stopping by my page...
and welcome to the world of blogging!
much respect~d

carrie said...

Three of my four gremlins are strong willed. And I use that term because in my mind that trait will serve them well as adults. Strong willed people can be very effective.