Friday, November 16, 2007

Flaunt it Friday: Office

My home office:

My husband and I didn't want to waste our Formal Living Room space with fancy furniture that we would never sit on. Instead we created a sitting room/den setting. We fold down the laptop when we are being formal.

I love this desk. We bought it right before we left Sacramento. The store we got it at is called Encore Model Home Furnishing. If you live in or around Sacramento you HAVE to check this store out. Beautiful items that used to be in model homes. Great prices.

Here is the view from my seat:

Notice the empty plate. I just finished a slice of delicious Chocolate Merainge Pie. My husband is practicing his baking for Thanksgiving. I love him and hate him for it!

Happy Flaunt it Friday, I can't wait to see yours!

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Michelle Pendergrass said...

Mmmmm....Chocolate Meringue Pie. My husband bakes too, he's so much better than me!

Your office looks so peaceful. :) I have too much stuff.

Donna said...

Beautiful, "office"! It is very creative and looks great.

Denise said...

LOL My husband made a cheese cake last night and at about this same time I was partaking in a slice! Love the desk. It's very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Amy, I love your office. I could be soooo inspired in that setting! Jealousy is killing me! Help! And Chocolate Meringue Pie to top it off!? I'm dying!

Thanks for playing!

Me said...

I love your space!! Your desk is beautiful! And it's only breakfast time here..but now I feel like pie... :)


Lisa said...

Great desk! Very neat and inspiring.

Liz said...

my husband can make a MEAN grilled cheese sandwich. great desk!

Penny said...

Very nice desk!