Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Finger, My Finger

Firstborn and LittleOne are happily coloring. All the sudden Firstborn is crying. I rush over to see what the drama is all about.
What happened?
(crying): I got a paper cut. It hurts so badly.
Let me see.
I look, its pretty bad, blood and everything.
Me: I'm sorry that happened. I'll get you a band-aid.
Halfway to the first aid supplies I hear LittleOne crying.
My finger, my finger it weally hurts!
I go over to LittleOne. I look at her finger and I don't see anything.
Me: Where does it hurt, honey?
LittleOne: My hand. I need a band-aid.

Her hand? A second ago it was her finger. I examine both her hands and all her fingers. Yep, just what I thought, She just wants a band-aid just like her sister. It's been a rough morning. I lovingly apply first aid to both my daughters fingers, complete with sympathy and kisses.

2 minutes later

Firstborn is now back to drawing, content with the soothing effects of the band-aid.
LittleOne is still crying. Wailing really.

Now this is out of control. I go upstairs to get a temporary reprieve from the crying and to tell my Husband the story. Husband reminds me of the time LittleOne tipped her tricycle over and laid down on the ground shortly after her sister had fallen off her bike. If our neighbor hadn't seen LittleOne set the whole accident scene up, it would have been believable.

I go back downstairs. LittleOne is still crying. I pick her up, and do the only thing left to do.
Turn on Dora the Explorer.

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Rachel said...

How funny! It's amazing how much they idolize the older sibling and how much they catch on to. She gets injured, she gets love... I get injured... I get love. Yep... cause and effect at it's best!
What a darlin' story!

Thanks for stopping in!